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"You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism." --Erma Bombeck

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Creative title about kale again

So I’m blogging about kale again. This time the red russian variety, though lacinato works, too.

This recipe is directly lifted from Vegetarian Times, though you can’t see any tomatoes because of how the shot is. I added the tofu, pan-fried with some ginger and garlic. 

(one of) The other way(s) to eat kale is kale crackers, of course. 

These have a large amount of kale, a few tablespoons of whole wheat flour, some sunflower seeds, flax seeds and some water. 

They are sprinkled with nutritional yeast and salt and then baked (you could dehydrate?) until they are crispy. And then eaten, right away, in that weird time between getting home from work and cooking dinner, where I am always hungry and also usually drinking a glass of wine. 

This is also why I don’t have a picture of the cooked ones (if you score them before baking, they break apart very nicely). 

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