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Meatball subs

We made “meatball” subs again.

Served with oven fries. 

The reason for the subs was to use up some deli buns that were donated to A Chili Home Companion, the chili cook-off fundraiser for Graze. (It was a big hit. Click here for pictures.)

Originally, the idea had been to make a dagwood sandwich, a monster of a thing made with corned beef, bacon, spicy cheese and peppers, but it seemed like too much fake meat—it also seemed like going to the store was in order. However, these lowly lentil meatballs required no such trip. 

I riffed on this recipe from the Post-Punk Kitchen. The only real difference was the size of the meatballs. These were sort of mushy, because of the larger size, but I think that the texture was still pretty fabulous. 

The buns were topped with homemade tomato sauce, three meatballs, and then caramelized onions, and then more sauce. Instead of using tomato paste in the meatballs as suggested, I added in some of the tomato sauce instead, since it was fairly chunky. It was also much spicier than tomato paste, which I thought added well to the final result. 

This is a length of purple potato that looks exactly like bacon, which is why I’m posting it. It’s not bacon. 

Here’s the food processor, before the meatballs. What you see is lentils, vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, tomato sauce, and soy sauce. Not pictured are the onions and garlic that eventually go in the meatballs. The bread crumbs (around half a cup) are also added back into the final product. You just whiz all this in the food processor, form meatballs, lightly pan fry them, and then bake. 

Merry Meatballs and Happy Sandwiching. 

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